Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

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In Year 1 we work hard to make sure the children have a smooth transition from Year R. We build on their learning experiences and work in a similar way to Year R whilst developing their independent learning skills and ensuring they make progress in all the different areas of the new curriculum. We put a great emphasis on outdoor learning and with our Year 1 outdoor area we are able to make sure children have plenty of opportunities to explore and engage outside with their friends as well as take part in learning activities.

Autumn Term

Our first topic is ‘Totally Toys’ and answering the question “Are today’s toys better than toys of the past?” We investigate new and old toys and the children will think about what toys they have and writing about a favourite toy. We also have a ‘Wonderful Wheels day’ where the children can sort, organise (and play!) on their different wheeled toys.  During the term the children will be visiting Milestones Museum in Basingstoke to think about toys of the past as well as visiting the Apple store to think about much modern ‘toys’. In the second half of Autumn Term we answer the question “Where do the leaves go in Winter?” and learn all about the season and the fun, celebrations and weather it brings.

Spring Term

The Spring sees us investigating all things Royal and wondering “Do all Queens wear a crown?” We learn about three important queens and finish the topic off with a ‘Kings and Queens Day’ – complete with our own castle. After half term we learn more about our local area of Tadley and the nearby town of Basingstoke by asking “Where do the wheels on the bus go?”  We will visit Basingstoke and compare it to what we know about our local town.

Summer Term

During the first half of the Summer Term we will be going Dinosaur mad and discovering just “Who was Mary Anning?” In the second half term we will be puzzling out the question “Would a Meerkat and a Polar Bear be neigbours?” This will give us an opportunity to learn about animals and environments all around the world.  Our trip to Marwell Zoo gives us the chance to see the animals in action.


Year 1 Newsletters

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Year 1 Curriculum Information

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Isolation Activity Packs

Spring 2 Isolation Pack


If you have any queries with regard to the curriculum for this year group, please contact Mrs Lucy Sullivan (Year Group Leader) or Bryony Stevens (Deputy Head).

If you would like further paper copies of the curriculum/newsletters, please contact your child's teacher. 

Should you have any queries or would like to make a complaint with regard to any of the Year 1 team, please contact Bryony Stevens (Deputy Head) or Glen Golding (Headteacher)