Design & Technology

The Design and Technology curriculum at Bishopswood will actively support the growth of the Bishopswood learner. All children will be able to thrive as they are given the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems that are real, relevant and taken from a variety of contexts. These problems will stimulate children’s creativity and imagination as well as encourage them to consider important issues. Working collaboratively to solve these problems will require children to show care and respect, as they will need to share ideas, listen to the opinions of others and be willing to make compromises when necessary.

Children will evaluate, design and create their own solutions to problems, using a range of technology, tools and materials, which will help them to gain an expansive set of skills. As their skills and knowledge progresses, children will begin to make their own executive decisions about the most appropriate materials and tools required to fulfil the purpose of their design, helping them to become resilient, innovative engineers.

The Bishopswood Engineer will:

  Evaluate existing products

  Identify the wants and needs of a target audience and consider how consumer needs are rapidly changing

  Identify problems that need solving

  Work collaboratively and think both creatively and practically to solve identified problems

  Select a range of appropriate technology, tools and equipment and use them safely

  Evaluate the success of a product/outcome