Forest School


At Bishopswood Federation we would like to offer children the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities that will support their future development. We believe that Forest Schools is an excellent experience for children with hands on learning in a woodland environment. But what is Forest School?

What is Forest School?

A typical Forest School session

Children will change into their outdoor clothing and be walked to the site, (in the school grounds). They will all be welcomed in and have a short circle time around the camp fire. The children will then have the opportunity to explore the woodland and be introduced to different activities such as den building, camp fires and mud play. The children can choose what they would like to do and will be supported by the staff to do this. Camp fires and tool use will be introduced gradually and in a supportive and safe way. During the session the children will have a drink and snack, before a short reflection activity at the end of their time in the woodland. They will come back into class and change into their school clothes.