Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

 Our topic question this Autumn term is ‘Imagine what would our world be like without electricity?’  We will begin this unit by learning how electricity is used and its invention. We will look at circuits and their components, before attempting to build our own robots to send out to war.  Following half term, we will be looking into 'Pop and Rock - How does sound make you feel?'.   This topic will include learning about music through the ages, including popular Christmas songs.  

Our Learning Challenges for the Spring term are entitled ‘Why is London such a cool place to live?’  and ‘Amazing Architects: What makes a city great? ‘  To help build children’s knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world, children will research some of the major cities in the world and identify their locations. They will explore the world-renowned landmarks using Google Earth and identify their natural geographic features. Using maps and geographical keys, children will also locate the famous cities in the United Kingdom. They will examine life in London now and in the past and will look at the cultures and cultural experiences of London’s inhabitants. Using their investigative and enquiry skills, children will study how London has changed over time and how significant events and people impacted its history.  In Design Technology, children will be looking at the construction of bridges, eventually creating and designing their own bridge for a city, focusing on shapes and strengthening joins. Finally, in Science, we will be studying the states of matter.  We will learn the scientific differences between solids, liquids and gases and how matters can change state. 




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