Mathletics is an online learning platform which can be accessed via the internet for improving and reinforcing mathematical concepts taught in school. Please click the link below to log in.

Mathletics Login Page

Each child is given a personal username and password so they can log onto the site from school or at home. The site encourages independent learning and gives children instant feedback on their results and progress. This adaptive approach allows personalised learning for each child enabling them to learn at their own pace. Mathletics follows the New National Curriculum and each child will be given tasks appropriate to their year group and ability.

There are also games for the children to play in the ‘Live Mathletics’ section, alongside or against children from their school or even around the world. They compete against other ‘mathletes’ to improve their speed and accuracy across the full range of mathematical concepts.

Children collect points as they complete more activities. The aim is for children to collect 1000 points a week to receive a Bronze certificate (5 Bronze certificates = 1 Silver and 4 Silver = 1 Gold). Each week the certificates will be printed out in school and presented at Celebration Assembly. Click here to see the Mathletics reward system.

If you have any questions about any area of Mathletics please click the links below or speak to your child’s class teacher.

Enjoy exploring and learning using Mathletics.

Mathletics Help for Parents

Mathletics Parent Account Registration