How Seesaw works

Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families


Students show learning

Students use built-in multimodal tools to capture what they know in Seesaw’s digital portfolio


Teachers gain insights

Teachers see all stages of student thinking and progress — offering insight into each students’ understanding


Families connect

Families gain a window into their student’s learning and engage in home-to-school connections


We have now launched Seesaw, our latest addition to home learning whilst schools are closed. Seesaw is an online community where teachers will be able to create activities for your child to complete and then provide some feedback on any tasks completed and submitted by your child. We hope that the addition of Seesaw to home learning will further support your child’s education in these difficult times.

The activities that are available to complete on Seesaw are taken from the Home Learning Packs created by our teachers. Tasks will be uploaded daily and each task your child completes and submits will be reviewed by the class teacher and acknowledged with a response.

Although we will be using Seesaw moving forward, we will be continuing to publish the Home Learning packs on the school’s website under each year group’s page. They are also available each week in paper copy from the school offices.

All parents have been sent information regarding how to log into their child’s unique Seesaw page. Below are links to support you with using Seesaw including how to access the platform:-

Click here for instructions on how to log in from a desktop or laptop

Click here for instructions on how to log in from a mobile or tablet 

Click here for a video which explains a bit about Seesaw and how it can be used

Should you have any problems with your child’s log on details or using the seesaw platform, please do not hesitate to contact the office, either by telephone or email.